About Us!

Founded in April of 1980, Roanoke Ambulance is one of 75 agencies in the Peoria Area EMS System.  Like a majority of PAEMS agencies, Roanoke is a basic life support unit (ALS Upgradable) that employs Emergency Medical Technicians. Roanoke is staffed by both part time paid employees and well trained volunteers that answer 911 calls 24/7/365.  No matter what time it is, our dedicated staff will ensure you receive the appropriate care in the shortest time possible.

Please take some time now and familiarize yourself with our department, our staff, and our dedication to the Village of Roanoke.

Thanks Again,
Roanoke Municipal Ambulance Department

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Our Membership

Ian Allen - Paramedic
Conan Carroll - Paramedic
Brady Fulkerson - Paramedic
Susan Grebner - EMT BasicPAID/VOLUNTEER
Ben Frerichs - Paramedic
Bruce Fischer - EMT Intermediate
Abby Moser - EMT Basic
Renee Arnold - EMT Basic
Jason Myers - EMT Basic
Roy Armstrong - EMR
Mike Oltman - EMR
Carrie Oltman - EMR
Jayne Frerichs - EMR
Scott Everett - EMT Basic
Kent McCanless - EMT Basic
Josh Scarbeary - EMT Basic
Kelsey Shirey - EMT Basic
Nick Syck - EMT Basic
Patty Everett - EMT Basic
Austin Eckstein - EMT Basic
Tyler Barth - EMT Basic

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101 N. Main Street
Roanoke, IL
Phone: (309) 923-8551
Fax: (309) 923-9551