About Us!

Roanoke Municipal Ambulance Department (RMAD) is a basic life support unit (ALS Upgradable) that operates within the Roanoke Fire Protection District. Housed on the western side of the Roanoke Village Hall, RMAD operates two ambulances: 1-V-14 and 1-V-24.

Roanoke is primarily a volunteer agency, relying on only a small group of paid staff to run the daytime operations and volunteers for nights and weekend operations.  Each year we answer several hundred calls within our district, and sometimes in other districts (mutual aid).  Roanoke Ambulance is dispatched through Woodford County Communications - commonly referred to as simply "WoodCom" - and frequently works alongside the Roanoke Fire Department to provide assistance to anyone needing care on a fire scene.

Each member of Roanoke Ambulance is legally allowed to use blue courtesy lights on their vehicle as they respond safely to our ambulance shed.  If you happen to see blue lights turn on behind you when you are in Roanoke, please consider pulling over some place safe and letting us pass. 

While our work is serious, we love to have fun!  You will likely see us participating in the Roanoke Festival each year, as well as the St. Jude Run and other events in our community.

Looking to donate to a great cause?

Many generous members of our community have donated a monetary sum to the Roanoke Municipal Ambulance Department, and with their support we have continued to serve Roanoke for more than 30 years! If you aren't able to contribute financially, but you would still like to help out, please consider joining our department as a member! We would love to meet you!

If you are curious about all that we do, we invite you to contact us for a tour of our facility! Just click on the "contact us" button at the top of the page and shoot us an email.

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